General Glazing Tape

At Adhere Industrial Tapes Limited, we have an excellent range of General Glazing Tape for you to choose from. As specialist manufacturers of single and double-sided foam tapes, you can trust in the unbeatable quality of our Glass Tapes to perform to the highest level imaginable. This tape is designed to reduce the risk of burglaries and the Security Glazing Tape is placed between the glass and the rebate. What exactly can we offer you? We offer Glazing Tape in different widths and thicknesses for you to choose from, depending on the specifications of your window. The adhesive is extremely strong and bonds the glazing tightly and securely to the window frame. This prevents anyone from removing the glazing externally without proper authorisation. The Glass Tape stops any draughts and moisture from entering in between the window frame and the glass. Using Glazing Tape for general glazing is an excellent, cost-effective, and energy efficient option. As premier manufacturers, we can customise your Glass Tape to meet your business requirements. Let us know what you need, and if it isn’t part of our standard supply, we will do everything in our power to manufacture it for you. We have over around 27 years of experience and we produce 90% of our adhesive tapes in-house. Would you like any additional information about our Glazing Tape? You can contact us now on 0044 (0) 1206 871999, or you can fill in our online enquiry form today – we would love to hear from you.

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