Low Tack Protection Films

Whatever the industrial application you need it for, here at Adhere Industrial Tapes, we have a vast range of low tack protection film to offer. These low tack protection films also include glass protection films that can avoid shattering in window panes in the midst of your products’ transportation.

All products within our low tack protection films selection are produced from tensile PE films, offered with a variety of different adhesive combinations that are tailored to the applications required of the finished product. Protection films can be purchased in a wide array of sizes and shapes – with hand application rolls starting at 100m, or machine length rolls which begin at 250m, ranging to 1000m long.

We can even manufacture low tack protection film in different colours and printed versions, allowing you ultimate creative control when it comes to the finish product created with the help of protection films. Be sure to check with our team as to whether the size of your order correlates with our ability to customise your protection film, as some lines are only created with certain minimum order quantities.

See below for further information on the range of low tack protection films we have to offer, and be sure to drop us an email or pick up the phone if there’s a type of film you require, that isn’t currently listed on the site.

Contact us today here at Adhere Industrial Tapes to discuss your individual requirements when it comes to your purchase of low tack protection films, or glass protection film. Our team are always happy to answer any queries you may have regarding your purchase, and we’re also able to provide samples that will ensure the best fit before you embark on your full purchase.



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