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3 Industrial construction uses for double sided foam tape

In the world of construction be it the home development, mechanical engineering, or industrial signage, time can often be of the essence, and finding the right construction tools that will work with a diverse range of materials can be tricky. But that’s where double sided foam tape can come in handy, so let’s take a look at three industrial construction uses.

Large-scale construction projects

Double sided foam tape can be put to perfect use in large-scale construction projects due to it providing nearly all the benefits that grout and cement have to offer, but due to its simple application it reduces what can often be a rigorous and time-consuming application process, making it perfect for walling and flooring construction projects as a time saving, short term alternative to cement and grout. Though it is recommended that in the case of such a construction project the correct materials will require applying to ensure a more permanent finish. Double-sided foam adhesive tape can also be used as a useful insulator and shock-proofing agent within the construction sector.

Auto-mechanic use

With auto-mechanic construction, double sided foam tape can be used as an alternative to the likes of fibreglass and shaped steel to craft flooring mouldings along with other applications. In these instances, you may be required to conduct further work, above just applying the foam tape to ensure stability and durability of the mouldings.

Industrial Signage

When it comes to industrial signage it is key that materials are used which can support the overall build of the signage, which could include the likes of 3D signage or other architectural structures. Prior to the use of double sided foam tape, often large frames which involved a wide range of materials were constructed, to hold such signage, this would require time and material investment to construct the frames. However, by using double sided foam tape you can instantly apply your industrial signage to the signage installation surface, meaning that the installation process is both easier and quicker.

So, there you have it three industrial construction uses for double sided foam tape, why not browse our full range of double sided foam tapes today!


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