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4 Steps to Draught Free Windows

4 Steps to Draught Free Windows

Whether you’re in a Victorian townhouse or a new-build city centre apartment, there comes a time when your sills may deteriorate and result in a chilly draught around the house.

Irksome and costly, at best you can either shiver in jumpers in the height of spring, have to fork out with increased utility usage, or worst case scenario – pay to completely refit a new set. However, this doesn’t need to be the case – there are a number of quick fixes that can be implemented before you decide that your windows are due a double glazing refit.

Here are our top tips for troubleshooting draughty panes:

Swap Blinds for Thicker Curtains

Sounds pretty elementary, right? Hanging heavier curtains is a great natural way to promote warmth and eradicate draughts in your house. Be sure to opt for curtains with lining material sewn in, as this will make it harder for pesky breezes to pass through.

If you don’t quite fancy the prospect of curtains, a blackout blind will be your best bet – the thick material works to cover the pane, although there may be scope for air to pass around its sides, so this method would work best combined with another.

Bubble Wrap

If the window isn’t going to be seen by neighbours e.g. in the back of the house or sides, you could opt to put up a panel of bubble wrap in the window. Especially in the winter months, this method can be surprisingly effective and incredibly cheap to achieve – worth a try, no?

A great temporary fix whilst awaiting something more substantial, the bubble wrap can be applied by simply spraying water on the pane and pressing the pre-cut piece in its place.

Draught Snakes

A great one if you’ve got kids – draught snakes can be made out of fabric and stuffed to make a little barricade against the outside chill. Get the kids involved and make this into a little crafty creation, then place it around the window’s sill.

Perfect for utilising old towels or socks, the draught snake is the perfect budget option that can be made in an hour or so, from your own home.

Foam Tape

If you’ve discovered any warping in the sills on your windows, this will definitely be letting in a draft. Using a thick foam tape, you can seal these annoying little gaps and restore the warmth back into your home. Easily cut to size or bought in purpose-cut sizes, foam tape is a simple and effective way to avoid a chilly home.

The beauty of foam tape is its self-stick surface, allowing you to immediately reduce the effects of external air. At Adhere Industrial Tapes, we have been manufacturing foam tape for decades, meaning your purchase will be effective and durable.

Peruse our selection of foam tapes, available for a myriad of purposes, or feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding your particular requirements. Our specialist advisors are on hand to advise you on the best course of action when it comes to eradicating draughts within your home.


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