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All You Need to Know About Thin Bonding Tape

What are double-sided bonding tapes?

Double sided bonding tapes are a pressure sensitive tape coated with adhesive on both sides and is designed, quite simply, for sticking two surfaces together. Double sided bonding tapes have transformed many manufacturing processes by improving design flexibility and providing a fast assembly method that is now widely used. Most adhesive tapes are manufactured in log form, such as a large 1 to 3-meter wide roll and an adhesive tape converter is used to cut the rolls into the required widths. Double-sided bonding tapes successfully bond glass, wood, steel, concrete, foam, and plastic together with the level of strength required for permanent, structural, and repositionable applications.

The magic of thin bonding tape

Thin bonding tape is a tape suitable for when at least one of the substrates is flexible to allow close contact between the two substrates. The uniform thickness of bonding tape allows for a high level of neatness and accuracy for assembly. Because of its easy application, bonding tape is both an economic and reliable construction solution because it reduces assembly time and also provides vibration and noise reduction.

Because of the wide range of manufacturing businesses that depend on double sided bonding tape for the completion of a range of projects, it is crucial that the tape we supply guarantees high quality and strength. The specialist design of bonding tape ensures the strength, conformability, surface adhesion, and temperature resistance required for the success of a construction project. Thin bonding tape is barely visible on the final product and reduces the need for visible fasteners. This allows for neater work, better craftsmanship and a professional looking end product. No matter how demanding the project, our thin bonding tape has the strength to keep even the toughest of materials together.

What are its uses?

Double sided bonding tape form the basis of the technical adhesive solutions that we provide throughout manufacturing industries, including automotive, electronics, energy, and healthcare. Other projects where bonding tape is frequently used include double glazing manufacturing, cable trunking extruders, heating and ventilation contractors, conservatory roof manufacturers, optical lens grinding companies and car number plate manufacturers.

Who to contact?

At Adhere, we have been converting adhesive tapes since 1989 and our extensive experience in the industry makes us well qualified for supplying and manufacturing high-quality tape for our customers and their needs. We have developed our own range of single and double sided foam tapes as well as many other products and are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products for their respective projects.

If you are interested in our thin bonding tapes, we have a selection of full technical data sheets and samples available for each product within the range. By using the provided data and samples, you can ensure that you receive the most effective thin bonding tape for your requirements. Please be sure to get in contact with our technical team if you have any questions or would prefer to opt for a sample of the product before diving into a bespoke commission.


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