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Flexible Thin Bonding Tapes to Fix and Fasten

Does your work require that you use Thin Bonding Tape? This versatile adhesive tape is suitable for many applications, as well as different industry uses. Adhere Industrial Tape Ltd are manufacture specialists of adhesive materials and we can supply any Bonding Tape that you require. They come in different thickness, widths, colours, and specifications. Why choose Bonding Tapes and what can we offer you?

Thin Bonding Tapes

We offer a wide selection of Thin Bonding Tapes that have hot melt, water based and solvent acrylic adhesive systems to suit your requirements. They can be supplied in die cut shapes, slit rolls, or long length spools to match you challenging applications. You also have the option of easy tear or super durable strong polyester. The variety is impressive and it’s not always easy to choose the most suitable product. If you are unsure what Bonding Tape to select, you can always speak to our technical staff who will be more than happy to help you.

Many Different Plastic Surfaces

One of the many great things about this adhesive tape is that it is suitable to use on different surfaces. It’s well-known that bonding to some plastics is challenging and sometimes very difficult. Our Thin Bonding Tapes are excellent for bonding to smooth surfaces, including virtually any plastic. If your employment involves working with thin plastics and you are after a Bonding Tape, this product could be perfect for you.

Various Metals and Glass

Do you work with metal and commonly use fastenings? Some of our Bonding Tapes can replace the need for fastenings and provide a near invisible strong adhesive bond. This is especially the case when using thin materials – this can produce a more attractive appearance. Thin Bonding Tapes are also suitable for glass products. This versatile tape can work effectively on different surfaces, which makes is very popular.

Fastening and Mounting

Are you in the sign making industry? Then you know the importance of securely fixing signs, POS, advertising, and so on. Some of our Thin Bonding Tapes are excellent for fastening and mounting. What about labels, nameplates, badges, and other products? We offer adhesive bonding tapes for these applications. If you need to attach lightweight materials, flexible or small rigid parts, Thin Bonding Tape is good for these applications.

Properties of Bonding Tapes

We’ve already mentioned that Thin Bonding Tapes can be easily torn or incredibly strong, depending on the application. You can have a film or paper carrier with a rubber or acrylic adhesive on your Thin Bonding Tape, depending on your preference. These options make it easier to handle. These tapes are generally resistant to chemicals and other substances, including acids.

We have over 27 years of experience and we believe that we can supply you with suitable Bonding Tapes to complete any suitable job to a high standard. For more information, please contact us on 01206 871999 today. You can also fill in our online contact form.


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