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How to Apply a Car Number Plate with Foam Tape Not Damaging Screws

Whether you’re a car mechanic, car manufacturer, or license plate manufacturer – or you simply would like to use a foam tape adhesive for your own car – the benefits of opting for this method are plentiful.

Traditional adhesion methods include screwing a hole in both the car license plate and the car itself – having been used for decades in the automotive industry – but the damage to the car is irreparable. With different car license plates applied over time, the car will accumulate various drill holes, until one day there won’t be much more room!

That’s where foam tape adhesives come in. Easy to apply, this method is becoming increasingly popular – especially for those with high end cars that don’t want to damage the paint work irreparably.

Here at Adhesive Industrial Tapes, we’ve been experts in the foam tape business since way back in 1989, so we know a thing or two about the best ways to apply a car license plate. Here’s our handy 3 step guide:

Step 1 – The Thorough Clean

Firstly, the area where the car number plate is due to be applied must be cleaned thoroughly to remove any traces of grease, which would massively impede the quality of the hold. To do this, you must acquire some isopropanol wipes and then wipe the area in smooth one-wipe sections – if you rub in circles you will simply just move the grease around – until the area have been covered.

Step 2 – Stick Adhesive Foam to Car License Plate

Whilst you are waiting for the isopropanol to dry on the car’s surface – which will only take up to a minute – you can now apply one side of the foam tape adhesive to the number plate itself. To do this, peel back half of the protective layer on one side, then apply accurately and carefully to the plate, then slowly peel away the rest whilst applying pressure as you move along the length.

Step 3 – Stick Adhesive Car Number Plate to Car

Once you’re sure that the isopropanol has dried off, you can attach the license plate to your car. Do this slowly to ensure proper accuracy – nobody wants a wonky car number plate, right? Apply adequate pressure once the license plate has been attached to your satisfaction, which will hold it in place and ensure it doesn’t fall off.

There you have it – attaching your car license plate with the use of adhesive foam tapes to minimise damage to your car’s body. If you would like to discover more about the process or talk to our advisors about using our custom-made license plate adhesives in your production line, contact us today.

With our 30+ years of experience, we can deal with your company’s requirements on a bespoke level, offering unparalleled service and delivery options. Keep your cars in pristine condition with the implementation of foam tape license plates.


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