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Security Glazing Tape and its Benefits

As part of our drive for continual improvement , efficiency and quality our company strives to make the best product possible . One of our most popular products, and something we’re very proud of, is our Security Glazing Tape.

We’ve spent years manufacturing foam tapes and now we have enhanced our SGT range . This particular type of glazing tape is perfect for many different applications. We’ve sold it to companies in the glazing, conservatory roof manufacturers, and many more over the years .

It’s a very versatile product that offers a whole range of benefits when applied to a surface.

What Is Security Glazing Tape?

Our security glazing tape is designed to be placed between glass and the rebate. It keeps the glass securely in place and acts as a bond and seal . The whole idea behind glazing security tape is to restrict glass removal that’s not been authorised.

This product is also a form of dry glazing tape, which makes application far easier, as well as being a lot less costly than if we offered wet glazing.

What Security Glazing Tape Do We Sell?

Here at Adhere Industrial Tapes Ltd, we sell a variety of double sided security glazing tape. The products we manufacture and produce are available in different levels of thickness, as well as different widths.

There are products for Timber, Aluminium and UPVC Frames as well as specialist tapes for powder coat and painted.

Currently, we produce glazing tapes from between 0.8mm to 12mm, which makes them perfectly suited to any type of window.

With our tape, you get a product that works well on various different surfaces. If you require your tape to be stuck to rough or uneven edges, our tape can handle it. We’ve specially designed it with incredible adhesive abilities that mean it sticks to just about everything.

What Are The Benefits Of Security Glazing Tape?

Our security glazing tape provides businesses with a wealth of benefits. First and foremost, it’s simply a cost effective method of installing glazed units . This glazing tape will keep your glass structures water-tight and airtight.

You also have the huge benefit of a product that will last. All of our security glazing tape is designed to stick to surfaces and stay there. It’s almost impossible for someone to accidentally remove glass once it’s stuck to our glazing tape.

If your company works in an industry that revolves around glass manufacturing or similar work, you will find security glazing tape very handy. As you can see, it provides users with a plethora of benefits, and it’s incredibly easy to apply.


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