Optical Lens Pads

Ensure no harm comes to lenses in the grinding process with our optical lens pads, suitable for all shapes and styles of eyewear. These technologically-developed foam pads have been designed to promote best practices of care when dealing with lens augmentation.Sticky foam pads attach to all models of grinding machine, making our selection versatile for every glasses manufacturer. Avoid costly scratches and machine marks with lens blocking pads, which fix to each side of the lens, holding it securely in place for grinding, without compromising the quality of the glass. With consistently low torque, our optical lens pads allow for accurate edging and, being supplied with non-adhesive tabs, are applied with complete ease and precision. Holding nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, Adhere Industrial Tapes are committed to providing manufacturers with the highest quality adhesives and tapes for all your optical needs. If you’re looking for something that currently isn’t available on the Adhere website, be sure to contact us with your requirements and our specialist team will endeavour to connect you to the desired products. At Adhere, we offer samples to prospective customers, ensuring that we allow ultimate product satisfaction throughout - simply contact us today with your optical lens pad request.

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