Point of Sale

Point of sale design has the power to transform a product from ‘meh’ to a must-have. At Adhere, we have a lot of flexibility on our product range of sale tapes as they are converted and manufactured at our factory in Colchester. This allows for us to cater exactly to the specific display applications that our customers require.

We offer a whole range of point of sale products such as display tapes, die cuts, hang tabs and wobbler arms. Because we understand that point of sale products is widely needed in the sales industry, we ensure that we keep large stocks of all major products so that we can despatch products quickly to our customers.

Point of sale products

Print-finishing tapes

Print finishing tapes are essential to completing a display. Our high-performance print finishing tapes are the reliable product that you need to complete your print.

Die cuts

Good and effective die cuts can be a game-changer for any business. Filling bland, empty spaces with eye catching designs is certain to grab customers attention and interest.

Hang tabs

Hang tabs can stick easily to most surfaces and are an excellent way of categorising products and display certain produce to draw attention to them.

Wobbler arms

Wobbler arms are a great way of grabbing the attention of customers as they browse the aisles of your shop. Wobblers are easy to attach to shelf edges and are an excellent way of pointing out specific products or special offers to customers as they browse a specific section of your store.

Here at Adhere, we specialise in the tape production industry and started converting adhesive tapes in 1989. This means that we have expert knowledge that is invaluable when advising our customers on the needs and requirements of their business or company. Do not hesitate to get in contact to discuss our products and services further with us. With our help and expertise in the display tapes industry, you are guaranteed to be impressed as to what point of sale products can add to your business. Shop our point of sale products and bring your company’s products to life today.

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