Here at Adhere Industrial Tapes Limited, we have two of our own spooling machines. We have one ten head and one six head spooling machine for foam and thin tape products in widths from 5mm up to 35mm (subject to product selection). This represents some of the very latest advancements in technology and gives us the versatility to produce different tape widths simultaneously. Spools are supplied on 152mm diameter cores in roll lengths to suit customers’ requirements. We also have a single head spooling machine for large format spools.

What if you require a custom width of tape? These specialised pieces of equipment give us greater adaptability and versatility to provide you with bespoke products, tailor-made to your exact specifications. This is in addition to our extensive range of regular tape measurements. Whatever adhesive product you need, we believe that we can meet and even exceed your requirements. As designers and manufacturing experts, we are proud to offer you a one-stop-shop service for all your adhesive needs. Our extensive industry expertise is there to help you to find the right product.

Please check with our sales team to ensure that your required product from our range can be supplied in this specialist format.  Why not contact us today?

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