Structural Spacer Tape

Here at Adhere, we supply a number of custom-sized structural spacer tapes to assist with your window manufacturing endeavours. With having over 30 years in the industry under our belt, we are highly adept at creating and supplying structural spacer tapes that are designed to your exact specifications.

Approved by all major silicone manufacturers to be compatible with their products, our industry standard structural spacer tapes offer an easy but, most importantly, accurate range of thickness. Said thicknesses are decided by the structural glazing industry, to be in-keeping with uniform sizes.

Our product is exported worldwide, catering to a myriad of different specifications, only adding to our versatility as a structural spacer tape manufacturer and supplier. If you’d like more information on the sizing available, see our full technical data sheet below.
We can also offer samples for testing and approval before you commit to a full purchase with us here at Adhere Industrial Tapes – that’s how sure we are that you’ll be completely satisfied with the quality and accuracy of your structural spacer foam tape order.

Made from high quality adhesive PVC, these glazing tapes offer different qualities, such as partially open cell structures that allow for the curing of structural silicones on all sides.

Contact us today here at Adhere Industrial Tapes, where our professional team will be on hand to assist with any queries you may have regarding your purchase of structural spacer tapes from ourselves.

If you’re unsure as to the size you require for your structural spacer foam tape, our team of experts will be available to discuss your options and ensure you get the ideal fit for the silicone application when manufacturing windows – whether it’s a small scale domestic job, or on a mass production line.

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